Our third annual anthology, Outlying Voices Vol. III (2019/20), is now available!

Purchase Your Copy Here

Be sure you are added to our email list to find out about opportunities to purchase and collect the book in person. Contact if you are not already on our mailing list.

We are now shipping within Canada and the US (we will also do our best to accommodate any special orders). Pay below using PayPal (debit/credit) or send us an e-transfer and shipping details to

Please note: contributors (see list below) are entitled to one FREE contributor copy. Please contact us to ship your single copy for $5 – or arrange to collect in person. If contributors wish to order additional copies by clicking on one of the “buy now” options below, your contributor copy will be shipped together with your purchase at no extra cost.

ONE (1) COPY shipping WITHIN Canada — $14.00 CDN   Buy Now button

TWO (2) COPIES shipping WITHIN Canada — $25.00 CDN   Buy Now button

ONE (1) COPY shipping to the US — $17.00 CDN   Buy Now button

TWO (2) COPIES shipping to the US — $32.00 CDN   Buy Now button

This year’s anthology features the work of 47 poets: Alice Major; Alison Clarke; Allison Stewart; Amber Jorgenson; Angela Fetch Muzyka; Anika Bista; Annalise Mulrooney; Anne Gerard Marshall; Audrey Brooks; Brenda L. Gunn; Carolyn Cordell; Chance Mulrooney; Darlene Masse Wurster; David C. Brydges; David Routledge; David I. Zivkovic; Don Hamaliuk; Don Perkins; Donna Quick; Ellen Kartz; Gary Garrison; Gary Gully; G.M. Crawford; Greg Turlock; Guy Chambers; Janis Dow; Joanne Osborne-Paulson; John Leppard; Josephine LoRe; Joy Pritchard; Kayleigh Cline; Len Gierach; Lisa Mulrooney; Lois Hammond; Lynn Gale; M.E. Devin; Max Vandersteen; Michelle Soon; Naomi McIlwraith; Narayan Bhattarai; Ross Hiebert; S.E. Ingraham; SaraSwoti Lamichhane; Sharmila Pokharel; Stef Guilly; Susanne von Rennenkampff; Vivian Souder

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