A Bouquet of Spring Poems

Project Outline

A Bouquet of Spring Poems 2023

April is Poetry Month

Parkland Poets’ Society is a non-profit poetry society with a mission to bring more poetry into our community and world. Members of Parkland Poets’ Society are invited to submit one poem to A Bouquet of Spring Poems.

Bouquets will be sent out via Facebook and Instagram weekly during the month of April.

Full Submission Details

  • One poem – 22 lines (or less), Times New Roman, 12-point font
    • includes title, line breaks, lines must not exceed fifty characters (including spaces and punctuation).
    • Include in the email – your name, mailing address, telephone number, acknowledge your 2023 – 2024 membership fee has been paid. (You can confirm your membership by emailing parklandpoets@gmail.com 
    • Biography of 50 words or less 
    • Photo – yourself, or a picture corresponding to your poem) 
  • The poem must be your creation, published or unpublished. Published poems require publication information, date, and place.
  • Email to parklandpoets@gmail.com before February 28
  • “April Bouquet” in the Subject line
    • Please attach your poem in a Word.doc, not in the body of the email or pdf.
  • The poems will be collected into a virtual Anthology, and Featured on Parkland Poets’ Website – https://parklandpoets.com/
  • Ensure your 2023-24 Membership is up-to-date

If all 30 days are taken by the time you reply, do not despair.  Your poem can be submitted to our 2023 Anthology!

Thank you

Josephine LoRe and Stefani Alzati Project Leads
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