A Posy of April Poetry

Project Outline

We are inviting all members of the Parkland Poets’ Society to submit a poem of 22 lines or less to grace our social media pages for the month of April, which is International Poetry Month.

Participation in this project is on a first-come-first-served basis: we will be accepting the first 30 respondents.

Full Submission Details

Parkland Poets’ Society is a non-profit poetry society with a mission to bring more poetry into our community and world. We invite members to submit one poem of 22 lines or less which will be featured on our social media pages, one poem per day, in the month of April.  The poem must be of your own creation, either unpublished, or if previously published, accompanied by publication information (the place and date of publication).

Please send an email indicating your interest to Parkland Poets with “April Posy” in the subject line. The first 30 members to respond will be assigned a day.  Also, ensure your membership for 2023 is up to date.  To renew your membership, please CLICK HERE.

Poems should be submitted by Tuesday, February 28, 2023. Late submissions may be considered please contact us.

If all 30 slots are taken by the time you reply, do not despair.  You can still submit a poem to our upcoming 2023 Anthology (and everyone who participates in the A Posy of April Poetry project can also submit to the Anthology).


  • There is no theme, and diversity and creativity are always welcome.
  • Submissions are limited to one entry of a 22-line poem (or shorter) including the title and line breaks. Please send poems to us in Word format. Each line must not exceed fifty characters (including spaces and punctuation).  Please do not send in the body of an email or as a .pdf.
  • In the email, please include: 
    • the poet’s name, mailing address, and telephone numberacknowledgement that your 2023 – 2024 membership fees have been paid. You can confirm your membership by emailing parklandpoets@gmail.com
    • publication information if this poem has already been published elsewhere
    • a biography of 50 words or less
    • a photo (either of the poet or a corresponding photo) if you’d like

Submission is limited to the members of Parkland Poets’ Society.  See link above to pay membership fees for 2023.


  • Each poet retains all copyright to their own poem. Poets must grant permission to Parkland Poets’ Society for the following:
    • Publication on the Parkland Poets’ Society social media pages
    • Display on Parkland Poets’ Society website and social media for the purposes of promotion.
  • Parkland Poets reserves the right to final editing on all submissions.
  • Parkland Poets will not accept any poetry that is offensive, vulgar and discriminating.

If you have any questions, please contact Parkland Poets at Parklandpoets@gmail.com.

Thank you

Josephine LoRe and Stefani Alzati Project Leads
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