Updated: July 4, 2022

Submit Now!

Guidelines (these are STRICT). Poems that do not meet guidelines will be returned:

The theme is “roots AND/OR routes” – to be interpreted as you see fit. Have fun with it!

Please provide submissions by email to (subject: Anthology 5)

Cover Art

  • Can be a photo, drawing, collage, pattern, graphic, painting, etc.
  • Portrait (NOT LANDSCAPE) orientation
  • Must be high resolution digital image
  • By submitting to this contest, you are giving us permission to use, modify and reproduce the image in any way. Credit for the artwork will always be given.


  • Submit the poem in 12-point font in TIMES NEW ROMAN
  • 27 lines maximum including stanza breaks (not including title)
  • 60 characters (including spaces) maximum in a line (please count the characters in your longest line to make sure you are within the guidelines – WORD or GOOGLE DOCS can do this for you).
  • Indented lines MUST be indented USING SPACES made by pressing space bar, NOT by using the “TAB” button
  • MUST attach a Bio of 60 words OR LESS. Please format bio with your name leading, eg. “John Doe is an amazing poet from . . .”
  • Poems deemed racist, misogynist, homophobic, or otherwise inappropriate or derogatory will not be accepted.

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